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Soul of Glitter - Chromaluxe Metal Prints


A collaboration between Sonia Kiki Jones and Photographer and Filmmaker Pedro Pimentel, of fine art photos using macro and selective focus techniques to capture in two dimensions the many layers of the visual and emotional experience that is to contemplate Sonia’s snow crystal art works.  

Sonia has spent many months in the arctic regions of Canada and Alaska chasing the mythical Aurora Borealis and driving on the famous iceroads.  Her photographs from these trips have been used in the background for the images captured here.


We hope these images manage to evoke in you the feeling of wanting to dive deep inwards finding your own uniqueness in the millions of reflections found at the core of each one of us”.


Printed in the mesmerising quality of HDR Chromaluxe metal prints and available from 30 to 152cm wide, these prints look and feel almost “lickable” by how their vivid and saturated colours stand out of the ordinary. With a 65 years lifetime, these prints will give a modern look with a soul to any special space while lasting a lifetime.


"The beauty of snowflakes has always filled me with awe.  Their symmetry... mysterious formation process and absolute uniqueness… they remind me of the fragility of life, the impermanence of everything and how we are also an expression of the unrepeatable quality that defines us as humans and characterizes our universe and the events in our everyday world. If we reflect about it, a snowflake can be a powerful metaphor for life and the relentlessness of time. A snowflake can only become ice or water but it cannot ever transform back into snowflake... Just like life! The moment we are born, we start transforming and can't ever go back.  Like a snowflake, there is not a single person, thing or circumstance that is equal to another."

- Sonia Kiki Jones


We have boxes premade so can easily send to you around NZ, and we have contacts for printing in the USA, Australia and Canada to reduce shipping costs for you.

If you are in this area, Wanaka, come out to see the gallery at 26 Church Road, Luggate, or send me an email to order your favourite.

Soul of Glitter HDR Prints


    ChromaLuxe metal prints are photos, artworks, or designs where the imagery is printed onto metal, rather than a canvas or paper. When compared to the typical paper or canvas, there are several key advantages to printing on metal:


    No material can bring the depth of colours to life like ChromaLuxe metal. Particularly when your imagery involves blacks or shadows, metal cannot be beaten for vibrancy or detail.


    In damp or humid conditions where canvas or paper art might discolour, grow mouldy, or otherwise wear, ChromaLuxe metal prints will soldier on. Their non-porous surface gives them the best defence against moisture, so no humidity, rain or spills can put a dampener on your artwork.


    The moment your printing is complete, it’s ready to be displayed. That means there’s no added costs of finding a frame. You’re left with nothing but the pure, uninterrupted sight of your photos or artwork on the wall.


    Our ChromaLuxe prints have been tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research. Their results show a stunning 65 year lifetime before any noticeable fading or colour shift. That’s more than 3 times as long as traditional Kodak silver halide prints framed under glass! They are easy to clean with microfiber cloths and if it ever needs dusting, the quality metal surface is resistant to any marks or scratches.

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