Crystal DJ Booth, Relish Festival, Cave of Crystals

Now available to HiRE!

Music has a huge impact on my creative process…if I haven’t been in my studio a while, I have certain tracks that get the creative juices flowing again…. I have some buddies with fabulous taste in music,  (and with the talent to play it!)  who I reach out to once in awhile to throw me something new, and it’s hard to explain what it is about a song, but some just go in so deep that they trigger a wild flow state and I am lost for hours.

When my mind was first captivated with these ideas for crystal artworks…I thought of our music makers…of creating something mystical to experience while we are on the dance floor, and that elevates the energy and love flowing from the DJ’s.  I had started some conversation about it to see if it resonated with anyone…but as it was all in my head and there was nothing even vaguely like it online, it was understandably difficult for people to imagine.

Lately, I’d been listening to Steven Pressfield’s incredible book on the creative process The War of Art. He talks about when the muse comes to you, when an idea lights you up so much that you mustn’t think about the why, the how… but just that you need to honor the muse and create the thing that sets your cells on fire. Well, I dreamed of making a DJ booth full of crystals and setting the dance floor on fire! And now it’s here and has been doing so for a while!

Crystal DJ Booth, Festival, Dancing, Crystals
Crystal DJ Booth, Festival Marquee 10m, Festival DJ Booth.jpg
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Crystal DJ Booth, Miki Brown, Relish Festival, Festival DJ Booth
 Crystal DJ Booth, Lounge Party, House Party, Festival DJ Booth
Crystal DJ Booth, private party, Festival DJ booth, Crystals, Private party dj booth
Crystal DJ Booth, Sonia Kiki Jones, house party
Crystal DJ Booth, DJ Brooke, Reslish Festival,

The Crystal DJ Booth at Relish Festival and private house parties. 

Here is my Crystal DJ Booth… my gift to the music makers, the dancers, the festival goers, the mountain explorers, the crystal lovers. Now that it is a tangible thing that people can see and experience, it is finally understood! For many, it took that real experience of creating music from within it, or dancing in front of it, to really understand it’s power to inspire.

Press PLAY to see The Crystal DJ Booth in action. The imagery was taken at various parties and festivals and edited by Pedro of Katalyst Media.

Designed to fit in your lounge, at 2.35m high and 3.6m wide and built in 6 sections, it is transported on a medium trailer and takes 3 humans under 45 minutes to install. It comes complete with a TV screen for the DJ's to set up graphics, or in the case of a special event party, stream something to fit your theme, or even a place from where you can zoom your friends and family from afar into the crystal cave!

Inspired by the Cave of Crystals in Mexico, with some of the largest crystals ever found, the longest being 11.4m!  These incredible gypsum crystals are 300m underground, and the cave sits around 58degC and 95% humidity!    The mine is now closed, hopefully protecting this incredible and mysterious cave for the future.

Crystal Cave Mexico Paolo Petrignani, inspired the Crystal DJ Booth, Sonia Kiki Jones

A perfect way to brighten up your private party  - if you'd like to hire the Crystal DJ Booth, get in touch with me.

At this stage, it is lower South Island of New Zealand only.

$800 for a Wanaka hire and $950 for the wider Central Otago. 

Any further afield will include a mileage cost...

email me on

Tel. +64 21 645 758

We look forward to Crystalize your next party!

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 Crystal DJ Booth, DJ feedback, lounge party dj booth, festival dj booth
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If you're interested in having your very own Crystal DJ Booth, do get in touch and we can arrange a creation especially for you!

Tel. +64 21 645758

We look forward to Crystalize your life!