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Sonia Kiki Jones_crystal geode torso_tap

Tapping in to your fire

Geode Torso

Getting in touch with the fire that burns away deep inside each of us

400 x 440 x 130mm


SoniaKikiJones_geode art_tapping into your fire.jpg
Sonia Kiki Jones_Mysterious algorithm of

Mysterious Algorithm of life

Geode Torso

Inspired by the qualities of amethyst and the mysterious wonder of getting to know someone 

550 x 560 x 160mm


SoniaKikiJones_geode art_mysterious algorithim of life lr crop.jpeg


Tapping in to your Fire is an exciting new body of artworks that compare the human experience to that of a geode.  discovering the wonder, light and strength that is deep inside each of us when we open ourselves up.

In Sonia's previous exhibition, State of A-Dress, Ora Gallery, NYC  2017, she used clothing as her canvas to explore both personal and universal stories.  While these artworks captured the essence of the soul that inhabited the clothing, now Sonia is asking the question the arises when we look inside of ourselves:  where does our light and drive come from? 

"All our experiences, past lives, friendships, wounds, loves and losses…all combine together inside of us, but often we charge around through life and don’t tap into the depths of our own soul, to be still enough to explore and discover the power that resides in each of us".   

Each artwork is inspired by either a unique crystal, its colour and healing qualities, a chakra colour, or a particular passion or interest we may have.  Several torsos have symbolic markings that link each piece to the journey explored and expressed on the surface.

Inquires to

Sonia Kiki Jones_Arctic Dreaming_geode a

Arctic Dreaming

Inspired by my travels to the Canadian Arctic and the luminosity of glacial ice and cracks in the iceroads.

 500 x 460 x 130mm



Sonia Kiki Jones_Galactic Rose_1 (1) (1)

Galactic Rose

Inspired by the qualities of rose quartz, a stone of love, beauty and imagination.  Capturing both the gentleness and empowered strength of the sacred feminine

580 x 360 x 160mm


Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 2.31.26 PM.png
Sonia Kiki Jones_geode torso_glimpse of icarus

A Glimpse of Icarus

Inspired by the crystal Dioptase and being connected with nature and spirit

460 x 410 x 160mm


Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 2.20.50 PM.png

45 Degrees Below

Inspired by the passion of winemakers and the rich colours of a finely aged pinot noir

545 x 460 x 160mm


Sonia Kiki Jones_geode torso_45 Deg
Sonia Kiki Jones_Tantric Acid_geode tors

Tantric Acid

Inspired by the passion of winemakers and the rich colours of aged pinot noir!

545 x 460 x 160mm


Sonia Kiki Jones_geode torso_Tantric Acid detail_edited.jpg
Sonia Kiki Jones_Tantric Acid_detail 1_edited.jpg
Sonia Kiki Jones _Geode Torso_Obsidian L

Obsidian Light

Inspired by the rich mystery of volcanic obsidian glass

480 x 420 x 1600mm




If you would like to know more

about any of the artworks, reach out, I can ship any where in the world


Galactic Rose in a bedroom setting.


45 Degrees  Below in a lounge setting.


Arctic Dreaming in a lounge setting.


Tapping in to your Fire  in a lounge setting.

If you're in the south of NZ, come out to visit my new gallery

26 Church Road, Luggate

Just ten minutes out of Wanaka, New Zealand

  We can ship anywhere in the world

I look forward to hear from you

Sonia Kiki Jones

tel. +64 21 645758

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