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Sonia Kiki Jones creator of The Artist's House Accomodation and Gallery Wanaka

Sonia Kiki Jones, formerly Sonia Richter, is a New Zealand visual artist who draws her inspiration from human stories creating bold three dimensional wall artworks.

“All our experiences, past lives, friendships, wounds, loves and losses…all combine together inside of us to shape the uniqueness of who we are. In a world of constant distractions, and outer stimulations, it is so important we take the time to tap into the depths of our own soul, to be still enough to explore and discover the power and beauty that resides in each of us. I want my artwork on people’s walls to be a memento that everyday reminds them of that realization.”​



Introducing The Artist’s House

Unique immersive art house accommodation just ten minutes from Wanaka, New Zealand. 


You can now rent this piece of paradise Sonia has created in the countryside just out of Wanaka, your ideal staycation! 

The land has a creek running alongside, expansive views of the mountains and magic vast skies above.  

The house has 3 bedrooms and can be rented in its entirety, or room by room like a mini lodge, whoever gets in first!

It has all you need - pizza oven, chef's dream kitchen, original artworks decorating walls and ceilings and outside spaces, a Crystal Movie Lounge, privacy, games and books

The Artist's House Accommodation and Gallery

Wanaka, New Zealand


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Sonia Kiki Jones Crystal Mandala, Divine Matrix, inspired by 936hz meditation
Sonia Kiki Jones Crystal Geode Torso, Tapping into your fire, finding your inner light and strength
Sonia Kiki Jones, Snow Crystals, macro snow photos, aurora borelais arctic,snow crystals, fractals
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By appointment  +6421645758


26 Church Road, Luggate    

Just ten minutes from Wanaka, off State Highway 6 

   Tel. +64 21 645 758  

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Sonia Richter, New York Exhibition, clothing artworks, Sonia Kiki Jones, David Bowie, Michelle Obama tributes, Madame butterfly

In 2017, I had a solo exhibition in New York City, The State of [a] Dress.  A collection of 12 of my bold 3D wall hung artworks, using clothing as my canvas.

This was when I was married, and going by the name Sonia Richter...the confusions of a professional woman!  As I'm still updating this new website, this history isn't currently online apart from on my public FB page. Send a friend request and connect with me here, or on instagram which is also being updated as I got hacked...clearly I needed an online cleansing 


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